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The La Crosse Loggers have a re-loadable cash card available!  Fans can load their Loggers Card with cash or credit card at the Lumberyard or online and will receive additional “bonus money” on their card as well as be able to take advantage of special pricing and offers throughout the season.

Loggers Cards are a great way to receive valuable rewards as well as allow children and additional family members to purchase from any concession stand without having to carry cash at the Lumberyard.

Where can I get a card and where can I load my Loggers Card with money?

Cards are available at the Lumberyard or the Loggers office on Caledonia Street. Once you have a card, you can load your card at any concession stand at the Lumberyard, the Loggers office on Caledonia Street or online using any major credit card.

Where can I use my Loggers Card?

Loggers Cards can be used to purchase any food or beverage in the Lumberyard all season long!

Why and how do I register my Loggers Card?

Loggers Cards are just like gift cards. They are worth money to those that have them. It’s important that you register your Loggers Card just in case you lose your card. If you lose your card, and you’ve registered it previously, we can cancel your card and move your remaining balance to a new card. The Loggers will also be able to reward fans with additional “bonus money” when they use their card frequently or purchase certain types of merchandise at the Lumberyard. These rewards are only available to fans that register their card!

The Loggers Mobile Application has a built-in Loggers Card. If you also have a Loggers Card, when you register your card, we will combine the balances of your two Loggers Cards and you can continue to use both at your convenience. For more information about the Loggers Mobile Application, visit the Loggers homepage.

Register Your Card Now!

Can I see my transaction history of my Loggers Card?

 Yes! Your transaction history is available online once you register your card and create a Loggers Mobile account. First, register your card and then you can view your transaction history.

View Transaction History

Fundraising Opportunities with Loggers Cards!

If you have an organization looking to fundraise, the Loggers are happy to partner with your organization to offer discounted Loggers Cards that can be sold to benefit your organization.

Current opportunities include…

  • Purchase 100 Loggers Cards, pre-loaded with $25, for $1800 ($2500 value) and your organization sells the Loggers Cards for $20 to raise $200!
  • Purchase 300 Loggers Cards, pre-loaded with $25, for $4950 ($7500 value) and your organization sells the Loggers Cards for $20 to raise $1050!
  • Purchase 500 Loggers Cards, pre-loaded with $25, for $7500 ($12,500 value) and your organization sells the Loggers Cards for $20 to raise $2500!

For more information on fundraising opportunities, Contact Us!

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